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Karen Laurence-Rowe was born in Uganda, daughter to a civil engineer. Living a nomadic existence – her childhood years were spend trailing across eastern Africa watching her father carve roads into a land teaming with game and sweeping landscapes – an Africa virtually unspoiled in the early sixties.

Karen has lived in various African countries, but for the last 20 years has lived and painted in Kenya where she has become one of the country's leading wildlife artists.

She is very versatile in both medium and style and can switch easily from oils to watercolours and indeed, is happy to experiment with most mediums.

As Karen matures as an artist, she shows an ability to leave the background clutter and her oils are becoming more impressionistic in approach. There is a new energy of stroke becoming evident in her paintings and a renewed vigour which is very pleasing to the eye.
Her variety of styles and subject matter give her work a wide appeal and contribute to her fast growing success as an artist.

She works from her studio at home in Nairobi but is just as happy painting outdoors amongst the wildlife that so inspires her.

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